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Richmond County, VA Public Records

Richmond City public records are documents generated, kept, and maintained by government entities that are available to the public for inspection and copying under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. These records incorporate vital statistics, judgments, and licensing records. Vital records though are only accessible to eligible requesters like parents, spouses, legal representatives, and the person on the record. The vital records maintained by the Virginia Department of Health include births, deaths, marriage, and divorce. These records can be obtained face-to-face or via mail from the Richmond City Representative's Office. Property records are accessible to the public, and people can demand them from the Richmond City Clerk's Office. Richmond City's Clerk of Circuit Court maintains land records, including deeds and mortgages.

Courts in Richmond County

Court Records in Richmond County, Virginia

Richmond City Court records provide access to various court records, including civil and criminal court records, bankruptcy filings, driving violations, and liens. The General District Court and Circuit Court are essential Richmond City courts. It also handles small claims cases, criminal traffic offenses, and misdeeds, while the Circuit Court handles common and criminal cases, including criminal offenses. Electronic court records are accessible to the general society through the Virginia Judiciary Online Case Information System, where clients can look by name or case number. Physical copies of court records can be obtained from the court clerk's office by presenting a request via mail or the court's website. Some records are not accessible, though, as they may contain child custody, adoption, divorce, or juvenile information.

Court Name:
400 North Ninth Street

Jails and Prisons in Richmond County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Richmond County, Virginia

The Richmond City inmate records provide information about inmates in the county's jails and prisons. They are available for access to all record seekers. The Richmond City Sheriff's Office keeps a web-based detainee search tool that allows the public to look for and get data about detained individuals. By entering the person’s name or number, it is possible to view their physical information, charges, sentencing, and status. Inmates are also allowed visitors on a weekly basis, but these have to be scheduled appropriately. Visitors also have to adhere to facility rules like providing government-issued identification or wearing appropriate clothing. There are three jails and prisons in Richmond, Virginia, that serve a population of 220,892 people over 60 square miles. There is one prison or jail for every 73,630 individuals and for every 19 square miles. Richmond City is ranked 92nd of 133 counties in jails and prisons per capita and 19th of 133 counties in prisons and jails per square mile.

Jails and Prisons Name:
421 Barnfield Road, P. O. Box 129
Camp Seventeen Road, P. O. Box 39
106 Wallace Street, PO Box 115

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