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Newport News City County, VA Public Records

Newport News city county public records encompass a wide range of government-produced documents. These records come in various formats, including written, typewritten, and digitally recorded materials, and are stored in different mediums. Requesters can access Newport News divorce records dating back to 1918 and marriage records from 1936 onwards at the Virginia Department of Health's Office of Vital Records. However, these records are not open to the public until after 25 years.  Birth and death records from 1912 and 1918, respectively also accessible through VDH Office of Vital Records. However, birth records are only accessible to the public after 100 years. Newport News city property records are public. Interested individuals can access these records through the county assessor or commissioner of revenue.

Courts in Newport News City County

Court Records in Newport News City County, Virginia

Newport News court records refer to a collection of materials, documents, or files compiled and managed by a court within the city. The documents are governed by the regulations the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and may be restricted under specific circumstances, ensuring compliance with the relevant provisions. Requesters can utilize the Virginia Court Case Information sites for Circuit and General District Courts to access information regarding Newport News court cases. Requesters can access criminal and civil proceedings in Circuit Courts through the Circuit Court Online Information System and traffic, criminal, and civil cases handled in General District Courts through the General District Court Online Information System. Residents can access information on sex offenders through the sex offender and Crimes against minor’s registry, maintained by the Virginia State Police.

Court Name:
2500 Washington Avenue
Newport News

Jails and Prisons in Newport News City County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Newport News City County, Virginia

Newport City inmate records are accessible to all interested parties. The Newport News Sheriff's Office maintains and issues daily reports on its website. The search results yield the offenders' name, age, arrest ID number, time of arrest, arrest location, charge number, arresting agency, charge (or charges), and bond information. Inmates at the Newport News City Jail are allowed to receive visits from individuals who have been pre-approved and are listed on the inmate's visitation list. Visits take place on weekends and are limited to 20 minutes per session. Each visit can include a maximum of four people, including minors. Newport News, Virginia, is home to six correctional facilities. These institutions cater to approximately 180,775 individuals residing within a 69-square-mile area. In terms of Jails & Prisons per capita, Newport News is ranked 75th out of 133.

Jails and Prisons Name:
224 26th Street
Newport News

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